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「莫高 MOGAO」

The Blossom "似锦"


Model: MG16321A03

Material: Ebony Wood

Craft: Handcraft / Lacquer 

Soundboard: Premier Paulownia Wood

String: Nylon-metal strings imported from Germany

Size: 163cm


The decorative veneer utilizes the splatter painting technique, which may seem chaotic but actually showcases an artistic style with a sense of free expression. The instrument produces clear and transparent high tones, while the powerful and penetrating low tones are rich and deep. Praised by many renowned musicians, this Guzheng is an excellent value for its performance quality and is considered a top-notch instrument for professional performance.


And, the Guzheng comes in a box with Two triangle stands, One tunning wrench and One protective soft case


型号: MG16321A03


制作工艺:手工框架筝 / 漆画








The Blossom 似锦

$3,200.00 Regular Price
$2,880.00Sale Price
GST Included
  • The inheritors and representatives of Chinese folk music, show the world a long history of Chinese culture.

  • Guzheng Delivery Time

    All Guzheng instruments are meticulously handcrafted. You can expect delivery to your address or convenient pickup at Camberwell within a timeframe of 5 to 7 weeks.

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