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「莫高 MOGAO」

Plain Ebony "乌木素面"


Model: MG16321A85

Material: Ebony wood

Craft: Handcraft 

Soundboard: Premier Paulownia wood

String: Nylon-metal strings imported from Germany

Size: 163cm



Due to the unique properties of the wood material itself, ebony wood has an exceptionally hard texture and high density. As a result, the production process poses significant challenges. However, the polishing craftsmanship flawlessly showcases the natural beauty of ebony wood intricate grain patterns. Furthermore, the instrument's sound characteristics exhibit crisp and dazzling highs, soft and sweet mid-tones, and deep and resonant bass notes.


And, the Guzheng comes in a box with Two triangle stands, One tunning wrench and One protective soft case


型号: MG16321A85







因为乌木本身木材材料的特殊原因,它的质地是特别硬的,密度也是特别大,所以在生产制作的过程中,难度比较大,而抛光的工艺,完美的展示了乌木材料的特有的错综纹路的自然美, 而且高音清脆靓丽,中音柔美甜绵,低音浑厚而韵长。



Plain Ebony 乌木素面

GST Included
  • The inheritors and representatives of Chinese folk music, show the world a long history of Chinese culture.

  • Guzheng Delivery Time

    All Guzheng instruments are meticulously handcrafted. You can expect delivery to your address or convenient pickup at Camberwell within a timeframe of 5 to 7 weeks.

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