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「莫高 MOGAO」

Magnolia Biondii  "玉兰望春"


Model: MG16321A87

Material: Blackwood

Craft: Handcraft 

Soundboard: Premier Paulownia wood

String: Nylon-metal strings imported from Germany

Size: 163cm


The combination of high-density blackwood and meticulously selected paulownia wood creates a resonant structure that effectively filters out any unwanted noise. The high notes are crisp and brilliant, the midrange is soft and sweet, and the bass is rich and long-lasting. The body is solid and durable.


And, the Guzheng comes in a box with Two triangle stands, One tunning wrench and One protective soft case


型号: MG16321A70










Magnolia Biondii 玉兰望春

GST Included
  • The inheritors and representatives of Chinese folk music, show the world a long history of Chinese culture.

  • Guzheng Delivery Time

    All Guzheng instruments are meticulously handcrafted. You can expect delivery to your address or convenient pickup at Camberwell within a timeframe of 5 to 7 weeks.

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